About Kay


Kay Taylor Oliver is an educator, lecturer and writer who delivers a powerful message on the nuances of developing and sustaining meaningful relationships.  

After the loss of her husband, Kay was forced to make an incredible emotional journey to rebuild her life. Using her expertise as a researcher and educator, Kay identified the optimal resources for navigating the challenges and opportunities of starting over.

Through this transition, Kay embraced one critical truth… the importance of living an authentic life. This philosophy guides Kay’s decisions and is the impetuous for her writing.

As the author of her own inspiring love story, Winter’s Love, Kay is transparently candid about her journey.

As an experienced educator, Kay has also written a children’s book, Princess Aisha and the Cave of Judgment a beautifully illustrated story of strength, learning and independence.

As a scholar, mother and grandmother, Kay’s writing style and personal appearances reflect her zest for life and her commitment to Rising Above Expected Limitations.