Princess Aisha and the Cave of Judgment

Princess Aisha and the Cave of Judgment evolved from a desire to have a princess story for little girls of color. The story was written as a response to Kay Taylor Oliver’s struggle with Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

Aisha is a twelve-year old African princess by birth who is full of adventure. She is often reprimanded for not attending to her studies to ensure she develops into a knowledgeable young woman befitting a princess. Aisha finds it more exciting to pretend she is on an adventure with Thaoma her chestnut stallion. 

When faced with difficult decisions and sometimes danger, Aisha reflects on the ethical standards taught to her by her mother and father, the King and Queen of ancient Kush.

Princess Aisha and the Cave of Judgment is a story designed to provide adventure within an accurate historical context. The story takes place in Ancient Kush (Egypt), located along the Nile river. The intent is to provide young readers with an idea of the greatness of one of the first documented civilizations located in Africa but often lost in most narratives when Africa or Africans are discussed.

The story unfolds when Princess Aisha accidentally overhears royal riders report to her father the King,  that there is  a strange noise coming from the extreme north of the kingdom. Aisha is bothered by the report and chooses to find out for herself if the palace and the people who live in villages around the palace are in danger.

The beautiful Princess Aisha is faced with adventure, opportunity and danger as she risks her life to prove that sometimes false judgments are made without looking deeper to discover the truth. In the end, Aisha is celebrated by the entire kingdom and unlike most fairy tales, Princess Aisha saves a prince.