Winter's Love

Winter’s Love is the story of an accomplished, dynamic couple who  experienced heartbreak after the death of their respective spouses.  Faced with the choice of surviving or thriving, both opted for the latter.  Though heartbroken, they each forged a meaningful life filled with a commitment to their family, careers and communities.

Winter’s Love is written in vignettes based on emails written over time. They begin with the horror and delight of dating to the comical but persistent introduction by a mutual friend. The book brilliantly explores the complicated intricacies of relationships sprinkled with life lessons that are written to help everyone meet or rekindle the love of their lives.

The author answers difficult questions to common problems often overlooked at the beginning stages of a relationship. What happens when you lose a loved one? How do you cope with your children’s wariness? When do you let go of material things understanding that your financial assets are important and should be protected? How do you put aside shyness to find intimacy again?

Winter’s Love has a five out of five stars rating from its readers on Click here to view reader reviews.