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If you can travel locally or internationally, you are blessed. Walter and I consider it a blessing to travel and whether it is traveling up the coast by car, or making our way around the world using all modes of transportation: plane, train, air balloon, boat, jeep, elephant, etc. we absorb the beauty of each place with awe and respect. 

I view traveling as an adventure that allows you to experience history and culture in an intimate and novel way. You are exposed to new value systems that broaden your view when you meet new people who speak different languages but without saying a single word, you understand smiles and tears are indistinguishable all over the world. 

Periodically I will post my travel experiences along with what I valued most about the trip. I will attempt to share places I think are interesting, beautiful, fascinating, spiritual, powerful and/or awesome. I am excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you and hope you will do the same.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

When asked where is the most profound place I have visited, I continue to come up with the same answer, Cambodia. Most people immediately think of the account of the “Killing Fields” but I saw another Cambodia. A Cambodia seeped in ancient beliefs but uncovering its history that was buried for centuries by war and political upheaval. Cambodia is beautiful. 

Hanga Roa - Isla de Pascua, Chile (Easter Island)

I wish we had captured a human figure next to these Moai stone sculptures that are massive in height some nearly 69 feet tall weighing nearly 86 tons. This photograph taken by my husband shows Moai sculptures facing the ocean to prohibit any evil from coming to the island. But, there are over 1000 Moai scattered all over the Island some revealing only their head with their bodies still buried. The awesome question is, how did the ancient Polynesian people move these massive monuments?  

North District, Israel

How powerful was the Roman Empire? This is a picture of the Roman Amphitheater in Israel built around 27 BCE and the other picture is of me climbing down the structure to show how massive it is. The remains of at least 230 amphitheaters have been found still standing. Powerful when you think about our infrastructures weakening and falling apart after 50 or 100 years. Powerful!!!

South Africa and Zimbabwe

We just returned from South Africa and Zimbabwe. We flew 14 hours from John F. Kennedy Airport to Johannesburg, took a small plane to Cape Town for three days followed by a week’s stay at the Kapama River Lodge for our safari. We boarded another small plane and flew to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for three days before returning to Johannesburg to fly home. 

I was told that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful costal cities in the world but somehow I could not take in its beauty because of the poverty and conditions the blacks and “coloreds” still endure. The original people of South Africa, the Khoikhoi people, were over powered by the Dutch and if not killed, soon became part of the 170 year slave history. Africans, Asians and Indians were sold by waring tribes or kidnapped from villages from West Africa, South East Asia , Madagascar, Bengal, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more places to build the beautiful Cape. Perhapsthis is why when you look at the people all decedents of multiple tribes, they are very handsome.

Regardless of the struggles of the people, Cape Town has remarkable sites. We took the rotating cable cars up to the famous Table Mountain’s flat top, where we took ins weeping views, the busy harbor and boats heading for Robben Island. We had an emotional visit to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years before becoming president of South Africa for six years. We visited the jail cells and read the accounts written by prisoners who were jailed there over the years. The Robben Island Museum is now a wold heritage site.

Our journey ended in Zimbabwe with a magnificent helicopter ride over Victoria Falls. All I can say is magnificent! The Falls are incredible described as “the Smoke That Thunders” on the Zambezi River bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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