Winter's Love Reader Reviews

Good morning 😊

I received my book Monday evening. I started reading it around 8:00pm with the plan to read a few chapters and go to bed around 11:00 so I could get up at 5:00 to get to the golf course to play with the ladies league.

Needless to say I became so immersed vicariously that when I finally forced myself to put the journey down it was 3:00 am and I was reading the lyrics to "Young At Heart" with tears of joy on my cheeks at the beauty of this wonderful love story 💝

Kay I am so glad God orchestrated our lives for our paths to cross. Your story with Walter is a testament to God's love for us. With God, All Good Things are Possible!

Thank you for this precious gift... I did make it to golf and I could not wait to get home to start chapter, "Moving In" so I could get to "The Wedding" 💝👍

Thank you soooo much! I can't stop talking about you and how special you are!
I will be ordering books to give as gifts to family, friends and others for birthdays, Christmas and for no other reason but to say I love them.

God bless you and Walter "Always and Forever" (one of my favorite songs)


Hi Kay

I am in a book club here in New Jersey.  I and another friend founded it over twenty years ago.  I talked up your last book, Winter's Love, so much that we read it for our May Book of the Month. There are about 12 members, with about six showing up at any given time. We read mostly fiction, but since our name is "No Borders" we have also read poetry, and nonfiction. For this meeting we had in attendance six women. I prepared a special set of questions for the book and we ended up talking nonstop from 12-2:30pm!  A few said they were tempted to not read it at first, or think they might like it, however all said after reading it, they found it interesting and a good read.  Two ladies are single, two fairly newly married and the rest of us have been married to one person for a long time.  Yet we all could relate to courting, dating, and the need for love in our lives.  Several spent time recalling how they met their husbands and there was lots of conversation about what we, if we were single might be doing concerning men.  Thanks for the chance to have good conversations. Contact me if you have questions.


Kay ~

Hello! I rarely write to authors of books I’ve read, but I simply had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your love story!! I have never felt so encouraged, nor invested in someone else’s happy ending!    You did a wonderful job of sharing your heart and that of your husband ~ I feel as if you are someone I’d enjoy as a friend. Thank you for writing a love story about people who are sorta my age…who don’t have crazy Tyler Perry, Real Housewives drama! Nothing against either, but it was incredibly nice to get a peek into a life to so resembles mine. A bit of heartbreak, a teeny amount of laughter and a lot of love.  

Should you ever make it to the Midwest, you know the “fly over states”, please look me up!


Kay ~

I am an incurable romantic who loves tear jerker romance stories… so, I was excited to read your book, which was a gift from a mutual friend. Needless to say, I vacillated between laughing (oh, my God! The FEDEX guy?!) And crying (I happily cried about Walter’s unfaltering love! Men are often so stoic!).  Anyway, the book was a joy to read and I am so thrilled you shared your journey with us. You are brave to open yourself up to so many strangers, and we are grateful.