Personal Lubricants

I called my PR person and shared with her that I was going to write about lubricants for my next blog. I thought I detected silence on the other end but after what was really a long pause, she said I think that’s great. I like throwing out a topic to see what type of reaction I can expect. In addition, I do research to see how extensively the topic has been explored and what is trending. I call this my reflective process that includes not only throwing it out to get reactions but also writing it down and coming back to it after a few days to see if I feel as strongly about it as I did when I first thought about writing the blog. This reflective process allows me to feel confident that what I want to say is relevant, meaningful and provides good information that I sense is not always discussed openly. If the topic continues to take center stage in my mind, I know it is something I want to explore. In addition, my blogs may end up providing me with more information than providing anything new for my readers because of my own personal needs. But in this case… I don’t think so because in all of my years, I don’t remember having a conversation with family members, friends or even my doctor about lubricants. Perhaps because I didn’t ask. Which is why I am writing this blog, I don’t think I am the only person in my sphere that welcomed information about how amazing lubricants can be in increasing the pleasure you and your partner can have while having sex.

I am laughing out loud because I am thinking about my family, particularly my children, and my friends who will just shake their heads and say TMI – Too Much Information! However I know everyone will read this blog to the end because good sex is important. Perhaps we don’t talk about lubricants because of our sensitivity concerning age. Woman who take longer to become “wet” when aroused are usually older women who have passed menopause. Who wants to admit that? Our estrogen levels are low or nonexistent. Of course there are many other reasons such as stress, illness and taking certain medications for not secreting naturally. But whatever the reason, do yourself a favor and ASK! Talk to your doctor, talk to family and friends and ask them about their experience. DON’T abstain from painful sex or refuse your partner because you feel dry. Find a lubricant that you like. Buy several bottles and place them around your house. You’ll be surprised how often you will reach for the magic bottle of pleasure once you realize how freeing using a good lubricant can be. In addition, your partner will be very grateful and both of you will find new and wonderful ways to please each other now that you are free.


Keep in mind that there are basically three types of lubricants:

1.     Oil-based lubricants made up of different types of oils such as baby oil, petroleum jellies, and mineral oils. These oils break down easily and are damaging to condoms and break down over time.

2.     Water-Based lubricants designed to copy our body’s natural lubrication and are basically safe to use.

3.     Silicone-based lubricants that are designed to last longer and are safe to use with condoms.