What Defines You?

I can’t believe I am at the famous Torrey Pines Golf Resort without my golf clubs. That is until I discovered that the Farmer’s Insurance Golf Tournament would take place beginning next week and Torrey Pines is not taking any reservations due to the preparation it takes to get ready for such a significant event. I was relieved but sorry for Walter although he knew his group could not play Torrey Pines. I think we are all just pleased to stay at this beautiful resort. Walter is golfing at La Costa Golf Resort, and I am blogging!

I begin with this little scenario to reflect on some of the passages in Winter’s Love that I want to explore on a deeper level in my Salons. Specifically, what men want; what women want; and finding the “what” by attaining the unconditional love Walter wrote about in the prelude to Winter’s Love. My premise is you can’t have unconditional love until you love yourself and that requires knowing who you are and what defines you. Ironically, the theme for Oprah’s February 2018 magazine is, What Defines You? The writer, name not given, states on page 96, “We”d like to suggest that it’s something more elemental - a force that guides your decisions, shapes your perceptions, and roots you in your truth.” My new work centers on how we can love who we are regardless of how other people define us. They can’t live your life nor can you live theirs. In my opinion, the only boundary you need to adhere to is “Do You” as long as you do-no-harm. That’s it. Loving myself unconditionally means accepting who I am, the big in me and the small in me, as long as I do-no-harm.

My example of unconditional love is how Walter is so in tune with himself that he didn’t dwell on not playing at Torrey Pines; he is happy playing and happy that I am with him. Wow! As for me, I’m still growing. So many people have teased me about my new love for RVs. They share that they just can’t see me in an RV and I have shared, I can’t believe it myself, but my inner sole is so happy when we are out on the road. Just the two of us depending on each other for everything. I am amazed I have so much to give that I didn’t know even existed. I have found my happy truthful place. Amazing!

I am hosting a Salon (a French term meaning a gathering of like-minded people) on February 8 at 6:00 p.m. on “Loving Yourself Unconditionally” for approximately 30 people. Most received a promotional package at the AKA Fashionista on December 1, 2017, that included information on the Salon. If you are interested in attending, send me an email: kaytayoli@gmaill.com for the Paperless Post invitation. 

So in closing, I am learning how to just "Do Me." Since my last blog, Walter and I went to an RV Show in Denver, his hometown. Along with 2000+ other people, we scurried in and out of large and small RVs. By the end of the day, we turned in our two-month-old Airstream Interstate and bought a new larger Airstream Allstate. It has a full shower, full bathroom and expanded wall with an enclosed king-size Murphy bed. We pick it up in March and will begin our cross-country trip to Canada this summer. Just so you know, most people think RV owners are “older” (55 and up), however 38% of new RV buyers are millennials ages 35 to 54. Hmm, maybe Walter and I are on to something. Stay tuned!

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